N-169 processing

N-169 is equipped and staffed to take care of and maintain the quality of our salmon and trout, from the arrival in our waiting pens, until the shipping of finished product.

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Slaughtering process

The Nordlaks Produkter plant, N-169, contains both the slaughering and the VAP processing facilities. Fish welfare, food safety, occupational health and safety, traceability and efficiency are the most important aspects of our production. The facility have a capacity to process more than 70.000 tonnes of salmon and trout annually.

N-169 is in the forefront with regards to energy efficiency and sustainability. Nordlaks Produkter makes use of the whole fish; we make sure all valuable by-products are refined into salmon oil for dietary supplements and animal feed.

In addition to our own fish, Nordlaks Produkter takes care about 30.000 tonnes of fish from other farmers in the region.

N-169 holds both IFS Food and Global.G.A.P certifications.


Value added processing

About 10 % of Nordlaks own production enters the value added processing. Our specialiced production lines are capable of turning out both pre-rigor and boneless fillets. Our main product is center-cut portions of salmon and trout, which are individually vacuum packed and quick-frozen.

Quality is maintained through a meticolous focus on traceability, efficiency and hygiene.

Have a look at the product range for more information about our capabilities. 


Individually quick-frozen (IQF)

Freezing technology is another aspect putting us apart from the competition. All freezing processes at N-169 is based on the IQF principle. The individual pieces of product are moved on conveyour belts through the freezers.

At temperatures below -40 °C, the product freezes throug within minutes, in fair less time than by traditional methods. With flash-frozen food, the ice crystals forming within the product are smaller, and the quality degradation related to traditional freezing methods is minimalized.

The result? Nordlaks quality. 


Oil refinery

We are particularly proud of our production of salmon oil and protein concentrate, which originates from by-products from both the slaughtering- and the value added processing. Previously, such by-products were regarded as waste.

Today, Nordlaks salmon oil is instead used both as dietary supplements and as animal feed. No resources should go to waste